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2008 Self Assessment Practice Exam
This examination is for practice purposes only. There is no CME associated with this exam.

Overview and Course Format: This examination is offered as a convenient self-study exercise by the ASSH. The exam is offered to hand and upper extremity care professionals as a comprehensive review tool of basic principles and can also be used by practicing clinicians to stay abreast of new developments and concepts within the specialty.

The examination covers diagnostic and therapeutic problems, both surgical and nonoperative, basic science knowledge, and fundamental principles of hand surgery. The interpretation of the illustrative material and videos is an integral part of this examination.

The examination consists of 200 questions, preferred responses, discussion and literature references.

FAQs: Visit the ASSH website for frequently asked questions about this online exam.

Exam Sections:

The exam is divided into seven sections:

1. Basic Science

2. Bone and Joint

3. Neuromuscular

4. Skin

5. Vascular

6. Ancillary

7. Miscellaneous

Answer Booklet: A PDF of the questions and answers with discussion will be available in this examination portal immediately after you have "submitted" the examination.

Disclaimer: The material presented in this continuing medical education program is being made available by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand for educational purposes only. This material is not intended to represent the only, or necessarily the best, methods or procedures appropriate for the medical situation discussed, but rather is intended to present an approach, view, statement, or opinion of the authors or presenters, which may be helpful, or of interest, to other practitioners. The examinees agree to participate in this medical education program sponsored by ASSH with full knowledge and awareness that they waive any claim they may have against ASSH for reliance on any information presented in this examination. The approval of the US Food and Drug Administration is required for procedures and drugs that are considered experimental. Instrumentation systems discussed and/or demonstrated in or at ASSH educational programs may not yet have received FDA approval.
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: $60.00
Credit Offered:
No Credit Offered
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