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2020 Virtual Annual Meeting: Precourses and Instructional Course Lectures
Availability: Retired
Initial Cost: FREE
Additional Cost: IC01-L: Linscheid-Dobyns Excellence in Wrist Research Award Lecture (VAM20): $35.00
OnDemand Precourse 02: The Scaphoid: Little Bone, Big Problems (VAM20): $110.00
IC02-L: America's Epidemics: What is New on Battling Against Opioids (VAM20): $35.00
Live Precourse 03: Nerve Transfers: A Contemporary Pathway (VAM20): $110.00
IC03-L: Non-Microvascular Flap Coverage in the Upper Extremity (VAM20): $35.00
OnDemand Precourse 05: Severe Extremity Trauma (VAM20): $110.00
IC04-L: As if Surgery Alone Were Not Hard Enough (VAM20): $35.00
Live Precourse 06: Carpal Instability (VAM20): $110.00
IC05-L: Ulnar Wrist Pain (VAM20): $35.00
OnDemand Precourse 07: Implant Arthroplasty of the Wrist and Hand (VAM20): $110.00
IC06-L: Tips & Tricks to Make Hand Surgery Easier (VAM20): $35.00
OnDemand Precourse 09: Fundamental to Cutting Edge: The Role of Arthroscopy (VAM20): $110.00
IC07-L: Getting into the Best Hand Fellowship (VAM20): $35.00
OnDemand Precourse 10: Case-Based Intl Approach to Ulnar Wrist Pain (VAM20): $110.00
IC08-L: Management of Pediatric Elbow and Forearm Fractures (VAM20): $35.00
Live Precourse 11: Videos & Stories with WALANT (VAM20): $110.00
IC09-L: The Weekend Warrior to the Professional Athlete (VAM20): $35.00
OnDemand Precourse 12: Distal Radius Fractures: A Case by Case Approach (VAM20): $110.00
IC10-L: A. Lee Osterman Excellence in Education Award Lecture (VAM20): $35.00
OnDemand Postcourse 02: Your Practice from Beginning to End (VAM20): $110.00
IC11-L: Pushing the Envelope: Advances in Microsurgical Reconstruction (VAM20): $35.00
OnDemand Postcourse 03: Worker's Compensation for the Hand Surgeon (VAM20): $110.00
IC12-L: Tricks and Techniques to Maximize Success with Nerve Transfers (VAM20): $35.00
IC13-L: The Painful DRUJ: From Injections to Arthroplasty (VAM20): $35.00
IC14-L: So You Had a Bad Day: How to Handle Complications (VAM20): $35.00
IC15-L: The Stiff Finger - The Ever Present Menace in Hand Surgery (VAM20): $35.00
IC16-L: Complex Distal Radius Fractures: Expanding Your Toolbox (VAM20): $35.00
IC17-L: User's Guide to Easy and Ethical Surgical Coding (VAM20): $35.00
IC18-L: David P. Green Excellence in Mentorship Award Lecture (VAM20): $35.00
IC19-L: Innovations in Understanding & Treatment of Scapholunate Ligament (VAM20: $35.00
IC20-L: Hand Trauma and Reconstruction: A Global Perspective (VAM20): $35.00
IC21-L: Management of Pediatric Hand and Finger Fractures (VAM20): $35.00
IC22-L: Hotwire or Rewire? The Role of Nerve Transfers vs Nerve Repairs (VAM20): $35.00
IC23-L: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 2.0 - Contemporary Perspectives (VAM20): $35.00
IC24-L: Wide Awake Hand Surgery: Strategies to Implement It in Your Prac (VAM20): $35.00
IC25-R: Wrist Arthritis in the Young Patient: Options, Considerations (VAM20): $35.00
IC26-R: Wrist Arthroscopy: Pushing the Limits! An Intl Perspective (VAM20): $35.00
IC27-R: New Revelations or Back to Square One: Dupuytrens Contracture Mgt (VAM2: $35.00
IC28-R: The Stiff Elbow: New Insights into Pathophysiology and Treatment (VAM20): $35.00
IC29-R: PIP Fracture/Dislocations: Making it Stable (VAM20): $35.00
IC30-R: When Is Joint Denervation A Better Alternative (VAM20): $35.00
IC31-R: Gaining the Upper Hand on Skin Cancer of the Extremity (VAM20): $35.00
IC32-R: Calmly Approaching a Mangled Upper Extremity (VAM20): $35.00
IC33-R: How to Make a Difference: Why We Need More Surgeon Leaders (VAM20): $35.00
IC34-R: Management of Spasticity in the Adult Patient (VAM20): $35.00
IC35-R: Communication Skills for Hand Surgeons (VAM20): $35.00
IC36-R: How to Economically Produce High Quality Videos (VAM20): $35.00
IC37-R: An Update on the Use of Biologics in Hand Surgery (VAM20): $35.00
IC38-R: Scapholunate Advanced Collapse - Not Just a Four Corner Fusion (VAM20): $35.00
IC39-R: What You Don't Know About Distal Radius Fractures (VAM20): $35.00
IC40-R: Qualitative Research: Real World Applications in Hand Surgery (VAM20): $35.00
IC41-R: Power to the Elbow. Navigating Controversial Evidence (VAM20): $35.00
IC42-R: Not Just Nerves: Looking Beyond the Brachial Plexus (VAM20): $35.00
IC43-R: Keeping your Practice Alive in the COVID Era (VAM20): $35.00
IC44-R: Reanimation of the Shoulder after Brachial Plexus Injury (VAM20): $35.00
IC45-R: The Fragmented Scaphoid Proximal Pole Nonunion: What Now? (VAM20): $35.00
IC46-R: Carpometacarpal Arthritis in the Young Patient (VAM20): $35.00
IC47-R-: Upper Ex Amputations: Lessons Learned from Combat Injuries (VAM20): $35.00
IC48-R: Acutely Unstable Proximal Interphalangeal Joint (VAM20): $35.00
IC49-R: Navigating Brachial Plexus Birth Injury (VAM20): $35.00
IC50-R: The Not So Terrible Triad (VAM20): $35.00
IC51-R: Microsurgical Reconstruction for Hand and Upper Extremity (VAM20): $35.00
IC52-R: Leadership through Advocacy: How to Make Your Voice Heard (VAM20): $35.00
IC53-R: Upper Extremity Replantation in North America: Where are We Now (VAM20): $35.00
IC54-R: Pollicization: 75 years of Making Thumbs: What Have We Learned (VAM20): $35.00
IC55-R: Treatment of Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tears (VAM20): $35.00
IC56-R: Tips on How to Introduce WALANT into Your Practice (VAM20): $35.00
IC57-R: Putting the Pieces Back Together - Bone & Soft Tissue Mgt (VAM20): $35.00
IC58-R: Hand Surgeons: The Front Line in the Fight Against Bone Loss (VAM20): $35.00
IC59-R: A Practical Approach to Total Wrist Arthroplasty (VAM20): $35.00
IC60-R: The Business of Hand Surgery: How to Maximize Value & Efficiency (VAM20): $35.00
IC61-R: Pediatric Hand Journal Club: Come Join the Conversation (VAM20): $35.00
IC62-R: The Burned Hand - Restoring Maximum Function (VAM20): $35.00
IC63-R: Scapholunate Ligament Injuries - Repair or Despair? (VAM20): $35.00
IC64-R: Curse of the MacCrimmons: From Scalpel to Syringe for Dupuytrens (VAM20): $35.00
IC65-R: A-Z Microsurgery for the Young Hand Surgeon: Tips and Tricks (VAM20): $35.00
IC66-R: Save the Desperate Patient with Severe Neuropathic Pain (VAM20): $35.00
IC67-R: Understanding Pediatric Elbow Fractures to Maximize Outcomes (VAM20): $35.00
IC68-R: Integrating Automation in Your Office (VAM20): $35.00
IC69-R: How to Leverage the Internet for Your Hand Surgery Practice (VAM20): $35.00
IC70-R: Don't Get Sued! and What to Do When You Do (VAM20): $35.00
IC71-R: Same Same but Different - Intl Perspective on Mgt of Basal Thumb (VAM20): $35.00
IC72-R: Salvage Procedures for Distal Radioulnar Joint Arthritis (VAM20): $35.00
IC73-R: Chronic Flexor Tendon Injuries within Digital Sheaths (VAM20): $35.00
IC74-R: Choosing Wisely: What the Hand Surgeon Needs to Know (VAM20): $35.00
IC75-R: Surgical Management of CMC Arthritis 2020 (VAM20): $35.00
Credit Offered:
No Credit Offered
Contains: 2 Courses
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