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76th ASSH Annual Meeting - On Demand
Availability: Retired
Initial Cost: FREE
Additional Cost: Pre02: Carpal Instability Download: Finding Signals in the Noise (VAM21): $225.00
SYM01: When Bad Things Happen to Good People: Lessons Learned (AM21): $30.00
IC01-L: Surgical Management of Rheumatologic Patients (VAM21): $40.00
Pre03: Current Treatment of Nerve Injuries, Gaps, and Neuromas (VAM21): $225.00
SYM02: Global Health and Volunteerism (VAM21): $30.00
IC02-L: The Spastic Upper Extremity: Contemporary Approaches to Surgical Management (VAM21): $40.00
Pre05: Scaphoid Fractures: Simple to Complex (VAM21): $225.00
SYM03: Thumb Basal Joint Arthritis: Lifeboats and Bailouts (VAM21): $30.00
IC03-L: Guidelines for Axillary, Musculocutaneous, Radial, Median & Ulnar (VAM21): $40.00
Pre06: Advances and Controversies in Wrist Arthroscopy – An ASSH/IWAS Course (VAM21): $225.00
SYM04: Health Care Policy and Advocacy: Pressing Issues for Hand Surgeons in 2021 and Beyond (VAM21): $30.00
IC04-L: Total Wrist Arthroplasty- Ready for Prime Time? (VAM21): $40.00
Pre09: Surgical Management of Distal Radius Fractures in Patients Age 8 to 80: Keys to Success (VAM21): $225.00
SYM05: It Sees You, Now You Need to See It: Atypical Nerve Compression in the Upper Extremity (VAM21): $30.00
IC05-L: Controversies and Advances in Aseptic Necrosis of the Hand and (VAM21): $40.00
Pre11: WALANT: Videos and Testimony to Improve Patient Care and Outcomes (VAM21): $225.00
SYM22: Enhancing Hand Surgery Education for the Modern Learner: How to Incorporate Teaching into Your Practice (AM21): $30.00
IC06-L: Why Hand Surgeons Should Care about Osteoporosis (VAM21): $40.00
Pre13: Performance Surgery: Musicians & Elite Athletes - Young to Famous (VAM21): $225.00
SYM06: Global Perspectives on Scaphoid Fractures: Key Questions Answered (VAM21): $30.00
IC07-L: What is New in Flexor Tendon Repairs (VAM21): $40.00
Pre14: The Queens Gambit: Strategies for Keeping Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain in Check (VAM21): $225.00
SYM07: Nerve Transfers Aren’t Just for Brachial Plexus Injuries: The Why and How. A World-Wide Perspective (VAM21): $30.00
IC08-L: I Just Want My Finger to Be Normal (Because I Use My Hand A Lot) (VAM21): $40.00
Post02: The Venn Diagram of Tendon Transfers and Nerve transfers (VAM21): $225.00
SYM08: Leveraging Ideas into Actions: Implementing a Successful Diversity Strategy (VAM21): $30.00
IC09-L: Management of Pan-Brachial Plexus Injuries: A Global Perspective (VAM21): $40.00
Post03: Nonunions and Malunions Below the Elbow (VAM21): $225.00
SYM09: Professionalism in Practice (VAM21): $30.00
IC10-L: Caring for People with a Work Claim (VAM21): $40.00
SYM10: Controversies in Distal Radius Fracture Management (VAM21): $30.00
IC11-L: Back to the Basics of Nerve Reconstruction (VAM21): $40.00
SYM11: Free Solo - Letting Go of the Rope: Lessons Learned from the First Year in Practice (VAM21): $30.00
IC12-L: Elbow Epiphanies: Awake Moments in Elbow Surgery (VAM21): $40.00
IC13-L: The Failed Thumb CMC Arthroplasty: Strategies, Tricks & Tips (VAM21): $40.00
SYM12: Injuries in the High Level Athlete- A Case Based Discussion on Strategies for Fast and Safe Return to Play (VAM21): $30.00
IC14-L: Pediatric Upper Extremity Trauma: How to Maximize Success (VAM21): $40.00
SYM13: CRPS: To Be or Not To Be. A Medical and Surgical Approach. (VAM21): $30.00
IC15-L: Tips and Tricks for Common Hand Problems (VAM21): $40.00
SYM14: Back to the Future: What I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self (VAM21): $30.00
IC16-L: Wrist Arthroscopy: Pushing the Limits! (VAM21): $40.00
SYM15: When to Say 'Talk to the Hand': A Hand Surgeon's Ethical (VAM21): $30.00
IC17-L: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: (VAM21): $40.00
IC18-L: Nonmicrovascular Flap Coverage of the Hand (VAM21): $40.00
SYM17: Advances in Neuroma Management: Past, Present, and Future (VAM21): $30.00
IC19-L: Frontiers in Microsurgery: Pushing the Envelope in UE (VAM21): $40.00
SYM18: Tips and Tricks in Upper Extremity Arthroscopy (VAM21): $30.00
IC20-L: Assessing Clinical Outcomes: Using PROMs to Improve(VAM21): $40.00
SYM19: Shattered Bones, Wobbly Joints and Bare Implants: Innovative (VAM21): $30.00
IC21-R: With Adversity Comes the Opportunity to Build Resilience (VAM21): $40.00
SYM20: Less is More: Minimally Open Fixation of Phalangeal and Metacarpal (VAM21): $30.00
IC22-L: MP Joint Injuries of the Hand (VAM21): $40.00
SYM21: Workers' Compensation: Navigating the Thicket (VAM21): $30.00
IC23-L: The Mangled Hand: From ER to Back to Work (VAM21): $40.00
SYM23: How We Survived the Pandemic: Clinical, Academic, Research and (VAM21): $30.00
IC24-L: Errors, Complications and Complaints: Strategies to Handle(VAM21): $40.00
IC25-L: Managing Burnout/Moral Injury (VAM21): $40.00
IC26-L: Controversies in Dupuytren's Management (VAM21): $40.00
IC27-L: The Reconstruction of Posttraumatic Bone Loss in the Upper Limb (VAM21): $40.00
IC28-L: Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain: Diagnostic and Surgical (VAM21): $40.00
IC29-R: Please Help Me Unravel the Mysteries of Carpal Instability (VAM21): $40.00
IC30-L: I'm not Retiring! Or am I? What to Consider Before Deciding (VAM21): $40.00
IC31-L: Alternative Research Methodologies (VAM21): $40.00
IC32-L: Management of Extensor Tendon Deformity, Releases and Recon (VAM21): $40.00
IC33-R: Pain Management for Hand Surgery: Current Trends (VAM21): $40.00
IC34-R: Small Joint Arthroplasty: Indications, Technical Aspects (VAM21): $40.00
IC35-R: Power to the Elbow: Navigating Controversial Evidence (VAM21): $40.00
IC36-R: Evidence-Based Management of Vascular Disease in the Hand (VAM21): $40.00
IC37-R: Limb Optimization After Severe Trauma: Military Perspectives (VAM21): $40.00
IC38-R: Hand Surgery Education in the Time of COVID-19: (VAM21): $40.00
IC39-R: New Perspectives on Distal Radius Fractures: Tips and Tricks (VAM21): $40.00
IC40-R: Management of Recalcitrant Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (VAM21): $40.00
IC41-R: Transitions: Is the Grass Always Greener? (VAM21): $40.00
IC42-R: Linscheid-Dobyns Excellence in Wrist Instructional Course: (VAM21): $40.00
IC43-R: A. Lee Osterman Excellence in Education Award 2021: (VAM21): $40.00
IC44-R: David P. Green Mentorship Award: The ?Brave New Hand Fellowship (VAM21): $40.00
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