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77th ASSH Annual Meeting - Back to Basics: Practice and Education
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Cost: FREE
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Full Registration: In Person (AM22)
IC03: Incorporating Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Into Your Practice (AM22)
XIAFLEX(R) (collagenase clostridium histolyticum) Training & Certification (Endo) (AM22)
IC61: Optimizing the EHR: Tricks to Make Your Life Easier (AM22)
Solutions Center Open (AM22)
IC39: The Debate Is On: Discussing the Controversies Surrounding Pediatric Upper Extremity Fracture Care (AM22)
IC60: The Ischemic Upper Limb: The Not So Easy Consult Made Easy (AM22)
Guest Registration (AM22)
IC59: 2022 Linscheid-Dobyns "Excellence in Wrist Research" Award Instructional Course: Getting it right the second time- Revision surgery for common wrist pathology (AM22)
Young Surgeons Skills Bootcamp (AM22)
IC58: Full Metal Jacket - Ballistic Injuries of the Upper Extremity: Practical Tips and Tricks from Those in the Field (AM22)
Pre/Postcourse Only (AM22)
IC57: Ultrasound Is in: New Techniques for Reconstructive Surgery in the Hand and Upper Extremity (AM22)
Adrian E. Flatt Residents & Fellows Conference LUNCH ONLY (AM22)
IC56: Elevating Upper Extremity Amputation Surgery: Keeping the Prosthesis in Mind in the 21st Century (AM22)
40th Adrian E. Flatt Residents & Fellows Conference (AM22)
IC55: The Impact of Fitness on the Body and Mind of the Hand Surgeon (AM22)
Resident and Fellow Review Course in Hand Surgery (AM22)
IC54: Ethics Considerations for the Modern Hand Surgeon (AM22)
Scientific Session II - SAT PM (AM22)
IC53: Revenue Cycle Management - What You Need to Know to Optimize Your Practice? (AM22)
Scientific Session I - SAT PM (AM22)
IC52: Rumors & Lies About Private Practice (AM22)
Scientific Session II - SAT AM (AM22)
IC51: Private Equity Is Coming: What It Means for Your Practice (AM22)
Scientific Session I - SAT AM (AM22)
IC50: Global Outreach for Hand Surgeons (AM22)
Scientific Session I - FRI PM (AM22)
IC49: Historian and Chase Library Session: Revisiting the First 50 Years (AM22)
Scientific Session III - FRI AM (AM22)
IC48: Technology and Operative Education: Harnessing the Future (AM22)
Scientific Session II - FRI AM (AM22)
IC47: David P. Green Mentorship Award: My Journey as a Teacher and Mentor (AM22)
Scientific Session I - FRI AM (AM22)
IC46: Disparities in Hand Surgery – Do They Exist? How Can We Address Them? (AM22)
Scientific Session I - THU PM (AM22)
IC45: Our Favorite Tips to Decrease Stiffness in Finger Fracture Management (AM22)
Saturday Interactive Case Review (AM22)
IC44: Wrist Arthritis in the Young Patient: Options, Considerations and Technical Tricks (AM22)
Saturday PM Scientific Sessions (AM22)
IC43: An Evidence-Based Approach to Hand & Upper Extremity Tumors (AM22)
Saturday AM Scientific Sessions (AM22)
IC42: Pain Drivers of the Shoulder: When the Rotator Cuff and Cartilage Are Intact (AM22)
Saturday AM Breakout Sessions (AM22)
IC41: What I Wish I Knew in My First 5 Years: Maximizing ASSH Opportunities (AM22)
Friday PM Scientific Sessions (AM22)
IC40: Hand Call 101: A Surgeon's Guide to Optimizing Patient Care, Avoiding Pitfalls, and Ensuring Self-Preservation (AM22)
Friday AM Scientific Sessions (AM22)
IC38: Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet: Primer for the Hand Surgeon (AM22)
Friday PM Instructional Course Lectures (AM22)
IC37: Back to the Future: Translational Techniques That Will Change Peripheral Nerve Repair (AM22)
Friday AM Instructional Course Lectures (AM22)
IC36: Management of Recalcitrant Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (AM22)
Thursday Instructional Course Lectures (AM22)
IC35: Denervation of the Shoulder, Humeral Epicondyles, Wrist and Digits (AM22)
Thursday Scientific Session (AM22)
IC34: Common Conditions In Hand Surgery And How To Deal With Their Complications (AM22)
Lunch - Friday (AM22)
IC33: Replant and Robotics: Basic and Advanced Techniques in Microsurgery (AM22)
Lunch - Thursday (AM22)
IC32: Ulnar Wrist Disorders around the DRUJ (AM22)
Lunch - Saturday (AM22)
IC31: Dorsal Spanning Plates: Making Internal Bridge Plate Fixation Part of your Distal Radius Fracture Armamentarium (AM22)
AFSH Donation - $50 (AM22)
IC30: Stop Poking Me! The Future of Nerve Imaging as a Replacement for EMG (AM22)
Cancellation Fee (AM22)
IC29: The Urban Mangled Hand: Tips for Approaching Devastating Hand Injuries from Atypical Mechanisms (AM22)
Early Cancellation Fee (AM22)
IC28: Indications and Advances in Tendon Transfers for Patients with Brachial Plexus Injuries (AM22)
Solutions Center 2-Day Pass (AM22)
IC27: Getting it Right the Second time - Revision Surgery for Common Wrist Pathology (AM22)
Saturday Only Registration: In Person (AM22)
IC26: Errors, Complications and Complaints: Strategies from the Experts to Handle Difficult Problems (AM22)
Friday Only Registration: In Person (AM22)
IC25: Demystifying Real Estate Investments For Your Practice and For Yourself (AM22)
Thursday Only Registration: In-Person (AM22)
IC17: A. Lee Osterman Excellence in Education Award 2022: A Learning Health System: Inspiring Lifelong Education - How to Educate in 21st Century “Leading” and “Following" (AM22)
Third Annual Hand Surgery Quiz Bowl & Reception(AM22)
IC23: Autologous Fat Grafting for the Hand Surgeon: Indications and Technique (AM22)
Martin Posner, MD Hand Club (AM22)
IC22: When You Hear Hoof Beats, Think of Horses, but Don't Forget the Zebras: An Evidence-Based Approach to Uncommon Compression Neuropathies of the Upper Extremity (AM22)
Steel City Hand Club Cocktail Reception (Univ. of Pittsburgh/UPMC) (AM22)
IC20: Optimized Treatment of Acute and Chronic Thumb and Finger Ligament Injuries in 2022 (AM22)
Washington University Hand Fellowship Alumni Reception (AM22)
IC18: Elbow Arthroscopy is Actually REALLY Useful...How to Get There (Safely) (AM22)
Duke Hand Society Reception (AM22)
IC16: Advancing Equity and Inclusion for Women: Strategies for Navigating a Successful Career in Hand Surgery (AM22)
University of Minnesota Resident and Fellow Alumni Event (AM22)
IC14: Navigating the Challenges and Limitations of Total Wrist Arthroplasty in Inflammatory Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Post-Traumatic Arthritis (AM22)
Hand & Wrist Arthroscopy: Arthrex-RF (AM22)
IC12: Dupuytren's Disease: Surgical Tips, Optimizing Outcomes, and Cost Considerations (AM22)
The Complete Hand Surgeon: Flaps You Should Know After Fellowship (Lab) (AM22)
IC10: Hand Surgeon's Guide to Hitting the Ground Running (AM22)
Hand & Wrist Arthroscopy: Arthrex (AM22)
IC09: A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush? (AM22)
Industry Forum 23: Learn About a Nonsurgical Treatment Option and Review Case Studies with a Dupuytren’s Contractor Expert (Endo Pharmaceuticals) (AM22)
IC02: New Perspectives on Distal Radius Fractures: Tips and Tricks (AM22)
Lifetime and New Members Luncheon (AM22)
IC24: Congenital Hand: Whats New in Treatment and Understanding in 2022 (AM22)
Networking Luncheon for Allied Health Professionals (AM22)
IC21: Ulnar Wrist Pain: Demystifying the Black Box of the Wrist (AM22)
Members Listserv Luncheon (AM22)
IC19: Upper Extremity Imaging Evaluation for the Hand Surgeon (AM22)
Outreach: Lunch and Learn (AM22)
IC15: Demystifying Complex Finger Deformities (AM22)
International Guest Society Ambassador Welcome Brkfst-Invitation Only (AM22)
IC13: Decision-Making for the Mangled Hand and Upper Extremity (AM22)
ASSH Members Business Meeting (AM22)
IC11: Patient-Reported Data: More Than Just Research Outcomes (AM22)
Industry Forum 22: Evolution in Hand Surgery Techniques: Maximizing Efficiency and Patient Outcomes (Arthrex, Inc.) (AM22)
IC08: Building a Practice: What I Wish I Knew in My First 5 Years (AM22)
CEO Keynote (AM22)
IC07: Pediatric Upper Extremity Trauma: How To Maximize Success (AM22)
Presidential Guest Lecture (AM22)
IC06: Why Didn't My Nerve Transfer Work? And Now What Do I Do? (AM22)
International Guest Lecture (AM22)
IC05: WALANT Beyond Carpal Tunnels and Flexor Tendons (AM22)
Robert E. Carroll Founders Lecture (AM22)
IC04: Free Functional Muscle Transfer for Upper Extremity Reconstruction (AM22)
IC01: Elbow Trauma: What's New? An Evidence-Based Approach to Treatment (AM22)
Presidential Address (AM22)
Young Member's Cocktails and Cases (AM22)
Surgical Innovation - Session 04: Hemi-Hamate Harvest and Insetting for PIP joint fracture dislocation (AM22)
Industry Forum 21: Early Signs of ATTR Amyloidosis: Recognition of Musculoskeletal Manifestations (Alnylam) (AM22)
Industry Forum 20: Emerging Concepts in Nerve Surgery: Nerve Assessment and Intraoperative Decision Making (Checkpoint Surgical, Inc.) (AM22)
Industry Forum 13: The NanoNeedle: Improved Resolution with Smaller Profile in Hand & Wrist Arthroscopy (Arthrex, Inc.) (AM22)
Industry Forum 12: MicroAire Endoscopic Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Release Training (MicroAire Surgical Instruments) (AM22)
Industry Forum 11: The Next Generation of Treatment Options for Wrist Arthritis, CMC and DRUJ Applications (Anika Therapeutics, Inc.) (AM22)
Industry Forum 15: Axogen, Inc. (AM22)
Industry Forum 10: Complex Injury of the Hand (Acumed) (AM22)
Industry Forum 09: Total Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint Prosthesis Using a Semi-Constrained Prosthesis (Aptis Medical, LLC) (AM22)
Industry Forum 08: Overcoming Challenges in Peripheral Nerve Repair: Current Treatment Approaches and Emerging Trends (Integra LifeSciences) (AM22)
Industry Forum 07: Collaborative Innovation (DePuy Synthes) (AM22)
IF06: Zimmer Biomet (AM22)
Industry Forum 05: Integrating MSK Ultrasound into your Hand Surgery Practice - CTR and TFR Procedures (Sonex Health) (AM22)
Surgical Innovation - Session 03: Distal nerve transfer for ulnar, radial, and median nerve palsy (AM22)
Surgical Innovation - Session 02: Zone 2 flexor tendon repair (acute) and reconstruction (chronic) (AM22)
Surgical Innovation - Session 01: Medial femoral trochlear autograft harvest (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 12: S. Raja Sabapathy, MS, MCh, DNB, FRCS (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 11: Michael R. Hausman, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 10: Jesse B. Jupiter, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 09: Mark E. Baratz, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 08: Douglas P. Hanel, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 07: Scott H. Kozin, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 06: Francisco del Piñal, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 05: Mark S. Cohen, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 04: Amy L. Ladd, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 03: A. Lee Osterman, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 02: Peter J. Stern, MD (AM22)
My Time with a Master - Session 01: William B. Kleinman, MD (AM22)
Resident Educators Workshop (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 14 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 13 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 12 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 11 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 10 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 09 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 08 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 07 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 06 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 05 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 04 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 03 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 02 (AM22)
Clinical Paper Session 01 (AM22)
Best Papers (AM22)
Surgical Suite 07: Trauma and Arthroplasty Solutions from Shoulder to Fingertip (Zimmer Biomet) (AM22)
Surgical Suite 06: Minimally Invasive Advancements in Upper Extremities (Trice Medical) (AM22)
Surgical Suite 05: Smith + Nephew Inc. (AM22)
Surgical Suite 04: IBRA Surgical Suite (Medartis Inc.) (AM22)
Surgical Suite 03: The Extended FCR Approach for Distal Radius Fractures (Skeletal Dynamics) (AM22)
Surgical Suite 02: Carpal Tunnel Release and Trigger Finger Release with Ultrasound Guidance (Sonex Health) (AM22)
Industry Forum 19: Advancements in the Treatment of Hand Fractures (Skeletal Dynamics) (AM22)
Industry Forum 14: Advancements in the Treatment of Distal & Midshaft Humerus Fractures (Skeletal Dynamics) (AM22)
Industry Forum 04: KeriFlex*: The New Generation of Finger Joint Implants *501(k) pending (Medartis Inc.) (AM22)
IF01: (AM22)
A/B Comparison 06: Hand Solutions (AM22)
A/B Comparison 05: Wrist Solutions (AM22)
A/B Comparison 04: Distal Radius/Ulna Fractures #2 (AM22)
A/B Comparison 03: Compression Devices (AM22)
A/B Comparison 02: Elbow Solutions (Trauma & Reconstruction) (AM22)
A/B Comparison 01: Distal Radius/Ulna Fractures #1 (AM22)
Clinical Consultation Corner 04 (AM22)
Clinical Consultation Corner 03 (AM22)
Clinical Consultation Corner 02 (AM22)
Clinical Consultation Corner 01 (AM22)
ICR16: Difficult Complications and Patients (AM22)
ICR15: Wrist Arthroscopy Cases (AM22)
ICR14: DRUJ: Trauma, OA, and Instability (AM22)
ICR13: Tendon: Late Stage Repair vs Reconstruction vs Transfer (AM22)
ICR12: Complicated Elbow Trauma (AM22)
ICR11: Injuries in the Athlete and Return to Play (AM22)
ICR10: Nerve Injuries in the Forearm and Distal (AM22)
ICR09: Atypical Nerve Compressions (AM22)
ICR08: Carpal Instability (AM22)
ICR07: The Cold Hand: Vascular Disorders, Raynaud's, Scleroderma (AM22)
ICR06: Pediatric Case in Everyone's Clinic (AM22)
ICR05: Wounds that Need Simple Flaps in the Hand and Wrist (AM22)
ICR04: Mangled Hands (AM22)
ICR03: Complications of Distal Radius Fractures (AM22)
ICR02: Challenging PIP Joint Injuries (AM22)
ICR01: Hand and Wrist Tumors (AM22)
SYM17: Pediatric Hand and Upper Limb Fractures: What the Textbooks Don't Tell You (AM22)
SYM16: Advances in procedural techniques and implant designs have made possible rapid, predictable, and safe return to sports activities for not just professionals but also recreational athletes (AM22)
SYM15: The Association of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Other Potentially Life-Altering Disease Entities: Diagnoses You Don't Want to Miss!! (AM22)
SYM14: The Reconstruction of Post-Traumatic Deformities of the Distal Radius: What Is the Best Contemporary Evidence (AM22)
SYM13: Getting the Bands Back Together: Understanding the Interosseous Ligament Complex (AM22)
SYM10: What the Hand Surgeon Needs to Know About Legal Soup: Causation, Liability, and Compensability (AM22)
SYM08: Back to Basics: Scapholunate Interosseous Ligament Injury. New Updates for 2022 (AM22)
SYM07: Back to Basics: Scapholunate and Scaphoid Nonunion Advanced Collapse (AM22)
SYM05: Back to Basics: Thumb Basilar Arthritis in the Young Active Patient (AM22)
PRE14: Arthroplasty in the Upper Extremity: How to Get Consistent Results and Optimize Outcomes (AM22)
PRE11: Important Things You Don't Know that You Don't Know: Controversies in Hand Surgery (AM22)
SYM12: The Mind of a Reconstructive Surgeon (AM22)
SYM11: What Is the Future of Total Wrist Arthroplasty? (AM22)
SYM09: Teaching While You're Learning (AM22)
SYM06: Back to Basics: Digital Nerve injuries (AM22)
SYM04: Back to Basics: Flexor Tendon Injury (AM22)
SYM03: The Bent Third Metacarpal, an Exercise in Fixation (AM22)
SYM02: Back to Basics: Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (AM22)
SYM01: Cost Savings Opportunities for the Hand Surgeon (AM22)
POST03: Teach the Teachers: Enhancing Hand Surgery Education (AM22)
POST02: Balance and Wellness: Yes, It's That Time for You (AM22)
POST01: Coding Boot Camp: For Young (and Old) Hand Surgeons (AM22)
PRE13: Carpal Instability: How Did We Get Here and Where are we Going? (AM22)
PRE12: Filling the Void: State of the Art Management of Bone Defects (AM22)
PRE10: Research Precourse (AM22)
PRE06: Microvascular Surgery from ALT to SCIP: Technical Pearls (AM22)
PRE05: The Problematic Scaphoid: Current Concepts in Scaphoid Nonunion Reconstruction (AM22)
PRE03: Not Just a Small Hand: Pediatric Hand Surgery from Simple to Complex (AM22)
PRE02: You Might Want to Straighten that Out: Malunion Correction in the Upper Extremity (AM22)
PRE01: Ulnar-Sided Wrist Pathology: Demystifying The “Black Box” of Wrist Surgery (AM22)
PRE09: Ultrasound of the Upper Extremity (AM22)
PRE08: Back to Basics: Tendon Transfers and Nerve Transfers (AM22)
PRE07: The Gray Zone in Hand Surgery: Innovations in Elbow Surgery (AM22)
PRE04: Trauma Reconstruction (AM22)
AFSH Donation - $100 (AM22)
AFSH Donation - $250 (AM22)
International Wrist Investigators Workshop (AM22)
AFSH Donation - $500 (AM22)
Annual Meeting Traveling Scholarship Donation - $50 (AM22)
Annual Meeting Traveling Scholarship Donation - $100 (AM22)
Annual Meeting Traveling Scholarship Donation - $250 (AM22)
Annual Meeting Traveling Scholarship Donation - $500 (AM22)
JHS Reception (AM22) (By Invitation Only)
ASSH Council Dinner-by invitation only (AM22)
Solutions Center Opening Reception (AM22)
Senior Members Breakfast (AM22)
Handapalooza: The AFSH International Event: Personal Ticket (AM22)
Handapalooza: The AFSH International Event: Guest Ticket (AM22)
Networking Luncheon for General Surgeons (AM22)
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